Friday, July 24, 2009

Better late than never..

Well here are the pics of my Rotterdam & Amsterdam trip.. a lil late though! but okay..


bria said...

looks like fun! :)
haha. where exactly was it you went to?
check out my blog:

JUSTIN said...

Amsterdam & Rotterdam (Holland)..
and I like your blog Bria!!

miss2009 said...

Heey you going today to the carnaval in rotterdam?
dope blog btw
im going for sure lol

JUSTIN said...

NOPE.. was working! I'll be in Rotterdam next week (friday) again..

miss2009 said...

je kan toch nederlands he?
if you cant then i will say it in english
but it was fun

JUSTIN said...

yeah I can speak Dutch haha.. it's nice to hear you had fun!

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