Sunday, July 26, 2009

Inspiring Sentences

This is a new thing I came up with.. i'll bring you guys a Inspiring Sentence(s) every now and then.. the first one is from Daniel Simmons (Diggy) (He speaks about his first Yoga session, and what his uncle told him about how life should be and I think he's right) here it is :

"I felt at peace and each pose really teaches you to open your heart and live each day slowly. My uncle has a great analogy he says we should live life as if were in a car crash no thoughts of the future or past it seems like it's going slow no rush JUST LIVING IN THE MOMENT!"


-Tray:;Tray.! said...

-Fresh blog, like what your doing
.im mean very original plz take
.a look at what im doing i think
.you will like it i follow you now
.plz, take a look at mine.?

JUSTIN said...

thanks tray I appreciate it! and I'll take a look

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