Sunday, July 26, 2009


I JUST LOVE KANYE'S LOOKS ! I GOT MUCHMUCH MORE TO SHOW Y'ALL OF HIS LOOKS BUT its to much to post but this are just some looks I REALLY REALLYYYYYYYY DIGG!.. Kanye West is my biggest inspirition! He's always dressed right and keeps it real, I want to accomplish everything he did just look at what he all did the LV collabrate NIKE collabra te his own clothing line PASTELLE is comming out soon and DAMN thats gonna look hot!! the list goes on and on though !


Keithbradley said...

kanye west &nd his chick is the fucking best everythingabout them is hq

JUSTIN said...

your right!

Jevon said...

Your really into Kanye i see haha, I Dig his style too.. keep up the work and dont be a stranger around my blog ;)

JUSTIN said...

yeah man, kanye is really inspiring to me!..

JUSTIN said...

really very*

Milt-fresh_best-dressed said...

I agree with you, Kanye iz one of the flyest trendsetterz out right now!!! Hit up my blog the Milt-Fresh Experience at

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