Monday, August 10, 2009

Please stand up for

Hit this blog up from my boy Jevon! He's doing he's best to get his blog up! Its one of my fav blogs, cause it got his own style and its very creative!
so check it out "Taste the candy" By Jevon.

Click HERE to show his blog

And we all love this blog! "Digs life of the jetsetter" Diggy is that fresh kid who keeps it real, A very inspiring person to me, He stimulates me to keep up the hard work and dedication! He's the best! Give him and his blog some love..

Click HERE to show his blog.



i put this posts up today saying dope bad i didnt put you on that lists.i make sure you on the next.plz remind me more than one time.thx

JUSTIN said...

haha that doesnt matter.. Thanks for putting me up on that list though I really appreciate that!!

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