Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ideas x Creativity

I've made these sketches of my own shoe a while ago.. but I wanted to show y'all them and ask what y'all think of it? haha so just let it know, hope you like it!


Tr3ndz $ett3r said...

I like those shoes

wavyybabyyx said...

yo when them sneakers come out ima be rockn them you should put ya name on them some where.
but whats tha name of em gonna be?? "dhe justins" lol likeee do u have any names in mind

JUSTIN said...

I was thinking : J-Fré haha.. from Justin Freshness..

wavyybabyyx said...

oohhh thats dope. im feeling that, i wud rock ya sneaker all dayyy lmao. cuz the drawing alone looks hot so when tha sneaker really comes out its gonna be CRACKKKK everybody wud have them on. but........ what would be the price wud u make it cheap so everyone can afford or wud it be like 700$ lmao.

JUSTIN said...

lol no not $700 I cant afford that myself lol.. and it would be overpriced anyway.. I dont really know haha. but there is much more work on it so i got many things to do before they can become reality..

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