Wednesday, August 19, 2009


YEAAAAAAAH... I finally got my name ring in, im thinking of gettin' an other one, one more basic colored.. but im so happy i got it in finally.. haha, and that all because off diggy showing us it!


Jevon said...

Dope :D
the red makes it what it is

Tr3ndz $ett3r said...

HOTTT!!! the red really makes it pop


thanks for the comment.i really appreciate it.

i got black and pink air tryin to get tha louis vuttion tho

jabril said...

ha nice blog man i like your blog alot and i can see that you have 42 followers i am following you
and i wanted to know if you could help me out on my blog and kinda give me some pointers on the blogging game cuz it looks like you got it down
and im stuck at 19 thats not really that good
so get back at me if you have time and comment me on my blog
latest post thanxs
it means a lot to me

wavyybabyyx said...

niceeeeeee!!! lookn good in the pic
and ya ring lookn flyy ima get one dat says


JUSTIN said...

KINGYOUNGLEE yeah man I want those louisvuittons tho man.. those are MAD expensive though..

JUSTIN said...

and thanks jabril for liking the blog really appreciate that!.. wavyybabyyx lol yeah POOOWWW would be hot haha! and thanks to everyone else for the comments! pce..

Nnamz said...

im liking the yeezys and the ring...what do yuo do for a living??? u have a line??

JUSTIN said...

ay Nnamz im working real hard on my dream to become a proff soccer player.. but I would love to have my own line! I'm also designing and stuff! whatabout u?

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