Monday, August 3, 2009

A Quick Thank YOU..

I just wanna say thanks to all of you, for following and commenting on my blog.. only right now im stuck at 31 followers so that sucks.. but the best thing of that is that all of the 31 supporters I got are following me cause they want to, because I dont promote my blog on other blogs or what so ever.. so to me it says all the people who are subs here like my blog and really read it so that is something I really appreciate! This is just a quick way to thank y'all. and hopefully you will remain reading/commenting and following my blog! and I just wanna say, that I dont want to dissapoint y'all so I'll remain hard work at this blog and hopefully I'll get more succesfull with it, so that one day I'll have over 500 followers.. haha lets begin at 100 :p !!.. And you need to know that I definitely take the time to read all the comments and check all of your blogs, and remain checking them! and again thank you all! But i'm out.. Godbless and peace!


Milan said...

cul blog> check out mine as well>


haha ur welcome! thanks 4 posting interesting stuff worth reading on ur blog! xD

♥ the new look btw

JUSTIN said...

thank you ♥!

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