Thursday, August 20, 2009


ay everybody!, damn this makes me feel sooo good! diggy commenting back on me haha.. he really makes me go harder at the things i dream off! i've been to a lot of harsh times in my life and right know im feeling really GOOD! and not only because off diggy but life is going the right way know, I work hard to earn money though to get myself some freshstuff every month, and im only 16 so i just wanna explore life and go hard on what I dream off! and diggy, my family and my friends are really a big support and they really keep me stimulated! so thank you diggy! and I wanna thank all of my subs that have been commenting on my posts and i hope y'all like my blog.. right know i got 42 followers its not that much, but all of those people are into my blog (well i hope so haha) and i appreciate each and every one of you! when i'll reach 50 i'll do my FIRST video blog EVER lol.. so im excited about that! and in the future i hope to reach 100, and after that just more and more! its not just about the number of subs but its about what makes my blog my blog and my blog wouldnt be there without all of you! i didnt really think i would only reach the number 42 though haha, so thank y'all and I cant forget to thank jevon he has been a real support! and of course diggy again!

Peace, Godbless



wow thats krazy.imma give u a shoutout on my blog

The Louis Vuitton Don said...

nice blog man. imma go follow you so could you please help me get my followers up to 20 and follow me

JUSTIN said...

thanks KINGYOUNGLEE really appreciate that!

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