Thursday, August 13, 2009

What would you like to see?

whatupwhatup?!? Hmm.. i'm stuck on 34 subs that kinda sucks dont get me wrong i appreciate all of my 34 subs!! they are following me cause they are into my blog.. cause I dont promote my blog on other blogs.. so each and everyone is into my blog, well I hope so.. right know it feels like other people dont think my blog is worth reading or following.. so isit the blog? i dont know? so i would like to ask y'all what you're thinking? you can just put it down here.. like what would you like to see more on my blog? and what do you think that can get my blog up? i would really appreciate it! my first goal is to reach 100 !! thats not really happening so what should i do? thank you!
Godbless, Peace!


badebayo said...


Tr3ndz $ett3r said...

I like the blog, now you are at 35.

badebayo said...

yo i followed you so can you follow me


ya blog is dope i dont think you should fix anything it's good the way it is.but if u want to get morre followers go digslifeofthejetsetter.just keep going back to his blog and click a diffrent follower he has more than 10,000 of them.your very welcome. lol.

JUSTIN said...

I know that KINGYOUNGLEE haha I have been following diggy since he has started his blog, but I dont really like to promote my blog just to follow cause the people just follow to follow then lol.. but thanks that you like the blog the way it is! appreciate that!

wavyybabyyx said...

ya blog is hot!! i notice ya blog from digs but ur a cute guy just put more pics of you on ya blog so i can see u that wud be nice lol =D

JUSTIN said...

at wavyybabyyx :so you would like to get myself more on the blog to get more invold with y'all.. thanks for the tip haha! I posted pics of myself in trips and stuff on the blog! But its a good idea to post more things about myself?.. again thanks for the tip!

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