Thursday, September 24, 2009


yooo whats good everybody?.. somebody asked me to put some of my sketches down here sooo this is some of what i sketched today and i just wanted to make it look basic and quiet not something wild but i just kept it simple and i like to sketch a lot of high tops lol i hope y'all like it andd i got 70 followers so thank y'all somuch for the support i had never thought i would reach that many! thanks, PEACE


kidpaul said...

yo those shoe sketchings are nice! not even lyin lol

HipHopCulture said...

JUSTIN Im LOVING these sketches dere dope. I would defo wear them I think.

crowned king music said...

i like it i would wear both sweater and the shoes

YUNG TOKYO said...

Yo son, Them sketches was nice. You got skills.

fatah fattah said...

These look dope hope they come out some time il buy them xD}

Keep up the good work man!

JUSTIN said...

thanks y'all :-D

HipHopCulture said...

I want them Lol

Check my blog out if you would not mind?

Lend Auh Hand. said...

Dude These Are Sum Dope-Ass Shoes,,
No Lie!You have So Gutta Get These Out
There Like I'd BE The First One Tuh Buy Em'!Lol

JUSTIN said...

thanks! really appreciate that would be more than dope to get them out

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