Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hear the screams from everywhere

Hope everyone is well outta here.. but ofcourse school has started and damn its no fun lol I mean all the people and stuff is fun were just drivin the teachers crazee lol but school itself is boring as hell all those tests and homework shizz pfff... AND its my graduation year so i need to step up my game cause i wanna graduate no mather what! haha but im happy when school ends cause I really wanna go to the Fashion Design Management college that would be real tight.. What are y'all gonna do for college? or whatcha doing right know? I was just wondering haha..
Godbless, Peace!


Tr3ndz $ett3r said...

I agree school is no fun besides kicking it with my friends.


yea skool is fun.and my teachers are cool we cut jokes on each outher all tha;s good to have teachers that can have fun

Tammy said... will get through it.

JUSTIN said...

Tr3ndz $ett3r & KINGYOUNGLEE I agree with all of that lol!!.. haha and Tammy yeah i'll but its just boring and it seems to take a long long time when yur at school lol..

HipHopCulture said...

Your blog is dope man. I reckon you should do Fasion at college, I think by going by your blog. Your really in to fasion. I like your blog. Why dont ya start making ideas of designs for a fasion line for the furture?

anyways check out my blog if ya can. and good luck in sschool this year.

God Bless!

JUSTIN said...

well im doing that right know im workin on all of that first i wanna go and try to develop my own sneaker cause tees and stuff are very commercial it has a difficult market but it doesnt matter what u bring to the people cause I think when you see people wearing your ishh it would make me proud! just to see people likin ya stuff would be only dope!

JUSTIN said...

oh and thanks for likin the blog man really appreciate that ! thanks.. pce

HipHopCulture said...

Justin could ya check my blog out and tell what ya fink?

Im folloing you now, so follow me if u wanna bud?

HipHopCulture said...

Cheers for commenting on my blog man, follow if you.

Peace Bud

fatah fattah said...

haha youre right school = boring hahaha

But good luck on the exams and i wish u a good year

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