Monday, September 7, 2009

I want things to go my way

yo sup everybody.. im back in the blogging game! at home there were some problems and stuff, my mom and my stephdad had some problems and took a breake from eachother so my mom and I are living at my granma and grandpa for a while until things are better.. but things for ME are going well right know and im able to blog again so im very happy about that BUTTTT i cant comment on blogs so thats a lil strange..? but I hope I can figer that out!.. I just want to let y'all know that im fine and the last thing I wanna do is let y'all down! SO THIS IS JUST A QUICK UPDATE MESSAGE FROM ME! and thanks to everyone hows subscribing on my blog cause I thought when I wouldnt post for a week my followers would leave the blog but I only got more subs!! and I hope I'll keep on growing in this blogging thing and get more succesfull with it what I want is more than a blog but I want something that is bigger than that i just want something that brings a message, something that people say wow im gonna read this everyday, I want to inspire people and make them go harder at their dreams!.. and this situation and all the things I go tru
, will only make me stronger and make me go harder at the things I dream off! and I wanna thank Diggy for his blog cause hes always inspiring me with everything thats on there I dont have the words to explain what his blog is, but to me its a BIG source of imagination and inspiration! Diggy always keep me filled of a great feelin that keeps me stimulated of becoming a succesfull person which will inspire people just like diggy does himself!
AND SCHOOL IS BEGINNING TODAY PFFFFFFFF... So everybody succes for the upcomming year lol..

And to Jevon.. I hope we can catch up soon on aim.. but I cant comment on blogs :-S...

Godbless, Peace!


Marissa said...

sorry you cant comment. school starts wednesday for me. keep up the good work on ur blog!

wiksters said...
plz follow

Jevon said...

Yeah man i was wondering where you was at..
Welll hope things are going good... and we deff need to talk on aim :D

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