Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Im mister consistent

Sperry Top Sider Bahama 2010 Spring/Summer Preview


daniel said...

yo real talks your blog is one of the best blog out their right now man keep it up.

oh and check out my blog i just posted a lookbook you shoould check it out i no for a fact you will really like it because this post is one of my fav post soo far and it means alot to me. check it out!.

fatah fattah said...

I lobe boat shoes but never have seen the boot version of it VERY Cool!

Keep up the good work.

HipHopCulture said...

Justtin Wassuupp?
Hows everything?
Keep ya blog up man its DOPE.
I lovee it Lol


Hiphop said...

Yeahh im goodd just chillin listening to tracks and shopping online Lol
whats up with ya internet slow Im guessin?

You putting a new post up to day?

astoldbybrody said...

1st and 3rd are dope...but i'm following you now, can we get the follow back @ www.thefuturesociety.net

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