Monday, October 19, 2009


here are some of my latest sketches not that good and the quality of the pics aint better anyways lol u cant see the colors that good and stuff but uh lol i got no other options! but i've been sketchin a lot of jackets lately the 1st pic is my fav and i hope y'all like some off it..

Dunno why i put this uphere but okay.. lol


HipHopCulture said...

These are dope man, I think you should get a line sorted. I reckon it hot.

check my blog out man


fatah fattah said...

Oh my ...
Those are fire!
Can't comment on all of them cuz its to much :P
The shoes are dope to.

Pce&We need more of youre sketches!

crowned king music said...

mad fav is the space zip-up hoodie

JUSTIN said...

thanks y'all!

diggy said...

this is hot

JUSTIN said...

I just see now that you commented outta here lol.. thanks man :)

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