Monday, November 16, 2009


Band of Outsiders No Bunk! No Junk! Collection

on last friday i brought my laptop away for two weeks so i hope when i get it back its fixed cause im gettin fed up with this shit man im tryin to keep up the blog as much as i can! dont wanna let yall down!


fatah fattah said...

I like the first and the 4th item most and i like them really hard! :P
By the way: What do you think of boots for men?


HipHopCulture said...

Dopee styless, As its winter and england cold the jumper and coats comin out for me lol
Anyways want to know think any chance getting an interview with ya Justin? In a couple weeks or so?

Jevon said...

Love the 3rd One =D. Don't give up mann ha, Hope we chat soon

K.Brown said...

I'm digging the Rugby , the white , button up , and the trench, dope collection. I cant wait to see this in person. Dope blog

Stay fresh justin

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crowned king music said...

im fellin the 1st doin good man.hopefully im on aim when you are.

Jamil Buchanan said...

i like the first one... check out my blog

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