Thursday, December 17, 2009

drop like the temperature then rock on right through the winter

Ice Cream Tiger Varsity Jacket

the grey one was already on sale but this varsity is sickkk! i already saw it on the lookbook of BBC/IC.. would love to buy em but they listed for $880.


HipHopCulture said...

Good post. Do you find it easy to buy BBC Or Ice cream as you live in holland. As in england it well hard to order one line with a good price. I cant fidn anyways to get more t shirttt lo lAny dieass peace

fatah fattah said...

Dope Collection!

But even the question is not to me @ hiphop i live in holland as well and i find it really hard to look for them hehe and if i want to order them i have to let them ship in wich i cant wait for... so yes.

avo Keuyalian said...

they're crazy rite???
yesss lol
reminds me of the old ice cream varsity jackets with the ice cream logo in diagonal they should rerelease those they were crazy!!!
the gray ones are sick likin the new tiger logo....
plz check me out!!!

K.Brown said...

this jacket was 500 on black friday from bbcicecream NYC i was going to get it but i wanted the supreme one more

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