Thursday, December 24, 2009

Which one is your fav?
im about to create my own varsity jacket really excited bout that! so it popped into my mind to do a post about some varsity jackets, first imma start off with 2 ICE CREAM varsitys the first i just did a post about this week! it comes in 2 colorways this one is my fav it looks straight, really fresh! you can buy it at the online shop from BBC IC <<

The hooded Bape varsity jacket one of my fav also i just love bape varsitys!! its from the bape spring 2009 Collection.

Maybe one of the best varsitys released in 2009! of the Supreme Fall/Winter 2009 collection
and it goes harddd! im still thinkin bout gettin it! but its not for sale at the supreme online shop anymore. they wus previously on sale btw!

Swagger x Trilly & Truly by Lupe fiasco, stadium jackets.. recently worn by diggy simmons, at the Rush Philanthropic's 10th Annual Youth Holiday Party! but anyways you can buy it at the RSVP Gallery at Chicago or at the online store for $1200 and the camo one for $1500.
and for anyone who still doesnt have downloaded Diggys mixtape "The first flight" DOWNLOAD IT NOW !

Raf by Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2009 varsity/bomber jacket i've posted this someday! and its crazy.. for anyone whos interested u can buy it at : ForwardForward for $980

dont ask me where to get it BUT ITS SICK RIGHT? the varsity is from the Kamiakin High School.. but how kanye got hes hands on these i dunno.. its a dope varsity though

Ive picked out this varsity from Brooklyn Circus i think its sickkk! its from the Holiday 09, u can buy it for $480 at the online store

Kanye did some varsity jackets for his brand "Pastelle" and i think they are fire! but i did a post some day and i already told yall about pastelle NOT COMMING OUT! so you can consider this as a bonus and a tease.


hope yall liked the post! and tell me what your fav is?


Ivy416 said...

Nice I like it
I've been looking for one but never seem to find it.

K.Brown said...

im diggin the pastelle ones and the supreme one of corse.

Happy Holidays

fatah fattah said...

Really like the grey icecream and the hooded bape ones!
This kind of posts rock.. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go with the supreme one.
I saw drake wearin it in the 4 my town video and I was like wooooow.

but i live by Kamiakin nd NO ONE knows how he got it. imma say from thrift store most likely.

love the blog, keep doin yur thing.


JUSTIN said...

thanks drew!

LaDawn m.(im life) said...

nice.i really like the ones kanye had on..your blog is dope.
check mine out

CRB FRE$H said...

The supreme is most def my favorite i gotsta say.
I saw it the other day at Supreme's store in West Hollywood but they are almost completely gone.

BamBam53 said...

i jus bought a varsity today there dope but yeah kanyes is the best i got fav his supreme 2nd

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