Friday, January 1, 2010


2010 Gonna bring alot off dope stuff! and on the blog i wanna get a clean look on it! new header and stuff. i wanna get some new topics and some new things on it! hope everybody had a dope NYE! DREAM BIG!


fatah fattah said...

Dope vid and 2010 is going to be awesome


crowned king music said...

i have a feeling 2010 gonna b a gud year

kidpaul said...

nice vid. can you tell me what song that is in the video?

Tammy said...

Aramatic Blogger Awards for 2009 are now posted...Come check out my blog to see if you won anything.

JUSTIN said...

kidpaul its a dutch song called "Wolken" by "Flinke Namen"

Maximus A. said...

dope blog so u know jevon

MalibuMara said...

why did i comment this? i thought i did.. GREAT VID! lol

MalibuMara said...

*didn't i comment lol oops.

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