Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well im gonna just start of with thanking ALL THE PEOPLE who entered the lookbook contest! I hope yall enjoyed workin on it. and ofcourse also a big thanks the people who joined the contest but couldnt make it because they were busy with studying or some other reasons but i dont blame yall :) buttt i hope everyone enjoyed it, thanks for taking the time to do this!! now lets get started with announcing the winner.

The winner of the Lookbook contest is called : Kyri
yall might know him from his own blog http://www.basicallydope.blogspot.com/ << which is DOPE so check it out!! Why did i choose his lookbook? I see he worked hard on it and it looks GREAT he represents his looks in a dope way and in a dope theme! i think Kyri really deserved it :) shoutsout to u homie its a dope piece of art. i like it alot man! thanks for taking the time to put this togheter :)

Second one is Tokyo Diamond, i like it :) thanks alott! go and check the blog out >>  http://www.tokyodiamondd.blogspot.com/

3th is Tayo! go and check out his blog : http://www.phreshwaterdaily.blogspot.com/ thanks Tayo :)


And because she was the only girl who sended her lookbook in i just wanted to post it down here anyway! haha thanks Hildi :D, go and check her blog out : http://www.hildisfunkyfreshblog.blogspot.com/

Again thanks alottt to EVERYBODY who entered the lookbook contest :) im sorry to the people who i didnt put down here! but i just had to choose but that was quite hard, really all the lookbooks were DOPE so thank you for taking the time to create and put your lookbook togheter! I hope that when i have another contest someday that yall will join it again :)


fatah fattah said...

Great contest to bad i made a mistake in the task i got xD

Kyri u deff deserved it


K.Brown said...

Thank justin, and I'm glad that you guys acknowledged how much time and dedication i put into this. that goes to show that if you put your mind in to something you will truly come out with something that is appreciated by many people

Stay Flyy Everyone

moni jawn said...

that was amazing i wish i would of known how too do it lol but uhm i dont how we going too do it because its the week before midterms && lacrosse season is alomost here it just alot maybe another time . cant wait though :)

Tommy The Fashionist said...


Tokyo.Diamond said...

Thanks Justin. Shout outs to Kyri and everybody else. I love everybody's looks.

TAIYO said...

i can't believe i won thx justin!

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