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Wussup everybody! I want yall to meet the Multi-talented Jordan Grizzle, he's from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Hes a great Singer,Songwriter,Dancer,Rapper yes he is! Probably some of yall already know him from his Youtube Channel, and probably some of yall dont know him at all. So in this post ive put some dope material for yall to check out of Jordan! I also included information on his Youtube Channel + more so you can check alot more of his music/work out and you really should! I promise it wont dissapoint you, really when i watch to his music videos on youtube i see how much fun he has and how much he is enjoying what he's doing! He's on his way to the top! And i fully support him! For now i'll stop talking so you just click the link below and CHECK IT OUTTT! Godbless,peace

L.O.V.E. Justin

Where to find or look for Jordan?

Jordan's Youtube Channel

Jordans Twitter       
Jordan's Itunes Page! DOWNLOAD "Oh So Crazy"!     

Check out some music by Jordan Grizzle down here! have fun and enjoy.

Baby (Justin Bieber & Ludacris) - By Jordan Grizzle

Check out Jordan's Single called "Oh so crazy" below here its dope!
(Download at : Itunes)

Jordan Grizzle!

I hope yall enjoyed this! :) and once again thanks for everyone who's been commenting and stuff :)!!
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Tommy The Fashionist said...


Niecey Small said...

yo i saw him b4 on youtube and then i couldnt find him again lo. hes great, how come the greatest rappers come from canda =]

buh great post !!!

TAIYO said...

i've been subscribed to him since july, but i didnt kno u knew him he's blowing up!!!

check out my youtube (i need more exposure!)

babyla04 said...

yeah uh hes not come canada ; lol florida; but yeah ilovehimx3 . --prettylatricee

Leonard said...

Ft. Lauderale, Florida not canada.. lol -- signed iLLsoSiKK

JUSTIN said...

my bad i changed it up! Dunno how i came to that lol, cause we can not have that in this kinda post.. anyways FL is standing there now :)

Rhaelon Monique said...

lol he's my friend on facebook! i found out about him 3 months ago! HAHA!!!!

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