Saturday, March 20, 2010


First Off, Happy 15th birthday to the homie Diggy! Make it a great one bro!
(I Posted this on 21th March, but it doesnt show the right time)

Now about Taz Arnold, the most off yall have probably seen him before because of his own, great, dope style and fashion sense, And also probably with Kanye's crew at Fashion week Paris 2009! But who is Taz actually, what does he do? He's part of Sa-Ra Creative partners (Producers), signed at Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music. He also designed for the brand MCM (Which he wears very often). And then there is his collective called TI$A (TazIsSoArnold) which stands for completion, Check out more of TI$A Vision which also includes his blog and webshop!

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Now check out more of Taz Arnold! Hit the link down here.


Tommy The Fashionist said...

taz has one of the freshest stlye out there because he is himself and thats what a lot of people have to do

JUSTIN said...

Yea agreed

Jhizzy said...

yo i think you should checkout my blog i think you in particalr will enjoy this post

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