Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fly as I could ever be

Barneys | The Look Spring 2010

Thisss is dope! Barneys, the second look of the season showing some brands they offer. I really like it alot the fits are great, nice and clean, and i love the modern, classy look! Check out the rest of it! I hope everybody is good :) And im soooo sorry for not posting in 3 days my apologies for that! But ive been so busy lately working on alot of stuff, so as the new layout wich is comming up begin next week, I think it looks really good so far and I hope yall will like it too :) The comments has been going down very much though not only on this blog but on alot of other blogs, I mean i dont base my blog on comments but I like to see all off yall opinions! But its all good, Ive been to Rotterdam yesterday picked up some dope stuff so I had a good day, Also had some good news on a house so me and my family who are involved in this home situation are praying to solve the situation a.s.a.p cause it is really taking to long! I want to thank yall for all the support and love yall been giving me, and I hope yall wil keep checking out the blog cause it means alot to me! Thanks again!

L.O.V.E. Justin

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Mumtaz® ♥♥♥♥ said...

This collection is CRAZYYY

crowned king music said...

havent talk to u in a minute.u good

Tommy The Fashionist said...


imoni said...

wow liking the layout ! header wow ! lol nice

Camzaiiir said...

hey go to my blog your blog i dope very good article

crowned king music said...

that header is HARD.

JUSTIN said...

Thanks! :)

Hype Street Culture said...

Go to check out my blog

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