Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All im asking, is for a lil' Respect when you get home.

Khuong Nguyen | “Winter Tales” campaign - 2011 Louboutin

This campaign is amazing, Its pretty much inspired by Alice in Wonderland. You definitely should take a look after the jump, because its really dope! Oh and today, such a boring day at school I had a exam and it took for 4 hours, really I never worked that quiet for that long at school or even on something for school haha, but hey I got it done right on time some people couldnt finish it but I could. Before that I had a part of my english exam on which I got the highest grade from class haha so im pretty proud of that. And whatsup with yall? How was your day? Hope everyone is doing well!

Godbless, peace - Justin

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Tommy The Fashionist said...

congrats on getting the highest grade in the class

JUSTIN said...

lol thanks homie!

MalibuMara said...

i LOVE this post,
and lol i don't know my way around europe,
its with a group for a "minimester" i guess so its a class basically for 2 weeks, we travel sooo much but i want to try to meet people at night lol i heard thats unsafe, but i have some down time at night i want to see if i can see people then

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