Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ciara handles her business like a big girl should

Ciara's official video for "Ride" featuring Ludacris "Ride" is part of her upcoming album "Basic Instinct" which will drop later this year! And I like it!


Life of lelo said...

song is dope.cant wait till she puts more songs out

Tariro said...

cici is always dope.. everything she does!!

Tokyo.Diamond said...

ciara did her thing in the video. She can dance.

Aftershock . said...

I JUST heard this song yesterday , now there 's a video to go along with it . NICE !

Tommy The Fashionist said...

i really like the song and the video is dope tooo

Ivy416 said...

She really shows off her great dance skills in this moves all by herself

JUSTIN said...

She deff got great skills.

Nnamz said...

ciara has it.she is doing her thing.
but i like the song aswell.
she is a great dancer nd singer.

MalibuMara said...

i wish my abs looked like hers,
haha shes so cool, but i hate the styling,
i would have made her clothes look sooo much better!

JUSTIN said...

yeah I agree on the styling tamara! Could've been done much better..

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