Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Releasing soon.

N*E*R*D "Nothing" Releasing 15 june
So as officialy announced on the bbc/icecream blog itself the new album "Nothing" from N*E*R*D is comming real soon! First the album was titled "Instant Gratification" but they re-named the album into "Nothing". They scrapped 27 recordings and started over again, this was because it wasnt good enough, they basically just didnt feel right about it. I sure CANT WAIT for their album to drop. I got all of them in my cd collection and I think this one is gonna be stupid dope aswell. Startrekk!
And there are some other albums I really cant wait for such as Kanye west, T.I.  , Lupe fiasco, Drake, J.cole, Nas and D Marley, I cant forget Bobby ray!

Love u, godbless. peace - Justin

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