Monday, April 5, 2010

There's a new sheriff in town

Gyslain Yarhi Fashion Photography
These photo's are pretty cool! Gyslain Yarhi has done alot of shooting for alot of different magazines, out here there are some of those photos and you really should check them out!

Happy 17th birthday to my homie Jevon! :) give him some love!

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Tommy The Fashionist said...

the first one is dope

MalibuMara said...

i like the first one and the last 2 :)

Jhizzy said...

yo why are model chicks so ugly...oh ya and dope post

Jordan T. Dilwood said...

really dope post hey i was wondering did you buy your ambush jewlery or do you get it for free because you promote thier stuff

JUSTIN said...

@Jordan nahh I just bought it :)

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