Sunday, April 11, 2010

We fight, we love..

Whatup bloggers! I know I havent been blogging that much lately, but im going to try to blog daily again! And today I wanted to give yall a  real quick update about whats going on this moment. So next week is my last school week, and the week after that I already got some exams so I really need to focus on school right now cause I want to graduate ofcourse, but I think that I will tough! Anyways its been a bit hectic at home lately with alot of ups and downs included, I was at my dads crib a week ago for a couple days and that made me feel great because I feel ofcourse more free out there then when im at my grandma and grandpa's house again, yeah im still living out there because we just cant get NO house its pretty hopeless on that point. For people who didnt now, I'm living at my grandpa & grandma's house togheter with my mom already for 8 months now. So when I came "home" out here it really made me realize that I dont wanna be living out here for another 8 months again orso. I just really need my own place again where I can do everything I did when I had one, and that just isnt possible at this moment. So I decided to go to my dad in a week and stay there for a couple weeks or months that depents on how long it will take until we have a house of our own again and that might take long, I feel that it would be better for myself to go to my dad for now! somebody asked me this just yesterday "this is a complicated situation for you right?" but it isnt really, cause the problem is pretty clear to me, its just taking too long lol. But nothing will stop me from going hard for my dreams! That was a real quik recap about whatsup at home right now cause somuch is going on right now I just dont know what to put down here haha, altough im thankfull that we got a roof above our head cause it could be worse! But enough about that, I hope everybody out here is feeling great, tell me cause I wanna know wussup with yall :)! And I dont wanna look like im complaining all the time, cause life is to short to complain everyday and you need to make the time that your here worth it! Complaining all the time is no option in my eyes, people should focus on the things which are here. And its up to you to create the things that are not here at this moment. I think yall have been showing me much love on here, on twitter and formspring! So I wanted to thank yall for that.
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Godbless yall, peace.


Tommy The Fashionist said...

i wish you the best man to keep moving foward

Andy said...

Thanx Justin MAN 4 THE cOMMENT , Add - @AspectOfYA On Twitter its My Blog Promoter , ill Help u Get More Followers ON YA Blog & Add My Personal Twitter - @ScreamHBD_APR24 ,

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