Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet Mike☆Star (Incl. NEW TRACK!)

Mike ☆ Star - Incl. New Track "Turn It Up"

Mike Star himself and all the people over at the Mike☆Star PROJECT insisted on getting this on the blog! So here it is, maybe some of you have heard about my homie Mike Star, Dancer/musician born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Mike's music taste is very wide the music genres he's most into are Pop, Hip-Hop, Alternative rock and R&B. He's working on his own music and has plans of being signed to a major label in the future. Currently he is songwriting for various recording artists. Mike's career got a big boost after winning the “You Got Served” dance competition in Baltimore. After that alot more doors were opening for Mike, as background dancer he was opening for artist such as Omarion, Amerie, Fantasia, Chris Brown, Mila J, Brook Valentine, Teairra Mari, Ray J, Rick Ross, Trey Songz, Cassidy, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, T.I., Lil Wayne and the list goes on! And I cant forget that he has done a track with Young Jerz! called "Charge me up" check it out right HERE. Mike also has a passion for fasion, which you clearly can see in the snipped vid of "Turn It Up" after the jump!
Mike has released a brand new promo single "Turn It up" Above here you see the actual artwork for it! Make sure to take a look after the jump for a FULL MP3 download, more information and links! CHECK IT OUT! COMMENT & ENJOY!

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"I’ll be one of the artists to open the ears of listeners around the world and let them know its ok to dream."

About the new track, according to the people over at the Mike☆Star PROJECT It's NEW, FRESH, FUN, and POWERFUL. Go and see it for yourself down here!

Snipped of the video Mike☆Star - Turn it up | Make sure to download the MP3!
On top of the post, is the official artwork.

How to get in contact with Mike☆Star?
I would like to thank all the people over at the Mike☆Star PROJECT for the Material! And thanks to Mike☆Star himself for the big support in this blog, according to the email I got "He speaks highly of the depth and variety that you post" So thankyou, and gobless.


LasersPrincess said...

Happy belated birthday nd hot blog nd crib :)

MalibuMara said...

cool, gotta check it out now.

Tommy The Fashionist said...

ima check out his music!

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