Saturday, May 29, 2010


M.I.A. On NYLON tv, and NY Times photoshoot.

M.I.A. IS DOPE I LUV HER! And dont forget to check out the photoshoot she did for NY times! And help me out with something! Go to the blog of my homie Jevon and follow him!!! He's at 497 followers right now, lets get him to 500! !!! Dont forget to check out the rest after the jump!

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Tommy The Fashionist said...

crazy photography

HipHopCulture said...

M.I.A is a great artist. Great photos on this post. I recently saw M.I.A talking about the Jay Z and Nas beef back the in day. She said her views on it all.


MalibuMara said...

i saw that,
i have been listening to her since 2005! i love her style,
but personally she is very weird, she believes the CIA made google and facebook! shes very interesting :)

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