Monday, May 24, 2010

Quick update

Yesterday I already tweeted that I would do a "update" post about whats going on with my project called "Phenomenal Future" I've been working on some stuff for a while now, no im not talking about the tee I made and showed before, on that tee I had good response but its not how its comming out, ive been thinking on doing something similar to come out with the sequins though but not for now. Buttt what is comming out? Well a while back in a interview I had a question about Phenomenal Future and I told that I need to start of small ofcourse, so this is why im going to "release" 4/5 different tees, the logo u see above here is comming on a tee in this color but also probably in a other color aswell, thats the only thing I wanted to show yall for now, and no it wont be only graphic tees cause I wanted to do something different aswell but yall will have to wait to see that haha, I hope to show yall some finished work in about a month, and in about a month (that is not official ofcourse) I will be selling the tees aswell, so stay tuned to see more! I hope yall are hyped for whats comming, and I hope yall like the logo (one of the "logos") above here and I really would like to know if yall would buy the "Phenomenal Future" stuff the prices will be appropriate so dont worry about that, just drop a comment! And no I didnt use help from who so ever, im doing this all on my own. After the jump you'll see something im working on aswell! So this was a reallll quick updat about whats comming, I kept it short so I hope yall have enough information if not feel free to ask questions while commenting on this! Godbless, peace - Justin

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MalibuMara said...

sounds cool!
keep working hard i always pays off :)

imoni said...

im sure its gonna be dope in the long run =]

ROXY! said...


Justin said...

The prices deff will be appropiate ;).. The tees will only come in a mens fit the first time so they wont be fitted as good for ladies..

Tommy The Fashionist said...

i would most def BUY

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

I'm really likin this logo... I'll definitely be copping a tee... keep up the work and i can't wait to see the other pieces!!!

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