Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dont play around

Random - and KANYE WEST
Since I couldnt find something to blog about, I'll just do a post about some dope people, and a little bit about Kanye since he's my biggest inspiration and I cant wait untill Good *ss Job will drop, I've added a video in this post in which Kanye is making some samples in his studio over at Hawaii for his upcomming album! Make sure to check it all out after the jump!

And for the rest of this day, I could have been chilling with N*E*R*D today, I could have gone to a private listing this afternoon over at Amsterdam, why? Because the owner of my favourite clothing store out here in Holland "Gorilli Concept Store" was invited for it but he couldnt go because he got invited like a hour and a half before it begon, and he was still out in Rotterdam. So I could have gone instead of him. But I couldnt make it since I live 30 min away from Amsterdam and I hadn't enough time to go there, so better luck next time haha! It would have been dope though.

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(I still really want to get me these Adidas x JS Mickey Mouse kicks!)


Tommy The Fashionist said...

that would of been dope if you would of made it

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