Monday, June 28, 2010

Im gonna make a change!

2 Favourite performances at the BET Awards 2010

This was my favourite performance of the last night BET Awards 2010, Chris Brown his tribute to Michael Jackson was incredible.. It really inspired me. I got much much respect for this!
Hit the jump for the second performance I picked out, and I think you can guess who I picked out haha. Hint : POWERRR! Thank you God for something which brings everybody togheter, for something that inspires, for something that is unbelievable, for something which expresses.. its called MUSIC.. Its love.. And I couldnt imagine where I would be without it..

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FOREVER #TEAMKANYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
His performance was amazing! And for now Kanye's new album "Good *ss Job" Is set to release at September 14th I cant wait for that!


Tommy The Fashionist said...

i know these were the best!

Justin said...


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