Tuesday, June 8, 2010

They might say hi and I might say hey.

Gourmet 2010 Spring/Summer Uno "L'
I've had some Gourmet kicks (also Uno L's) in my hands while I was shopping in Rotterdam, I havent bought them but I was thinking if I should go and get me a pair (already for a pretty long time!), And with these 2 colorways I'll make sure I'll get me a pair! I love these yellow ones, they are pretty plain for some maybe a bit to plain but I like these this way! So as you can see they come in yellow and olive green. Well overall I like what Gourmet is bringing out this summer! If you are interested in buying go here to the official Gourmet online shop. You'll own a pair of these for $120. After the jump more images!

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Socialite said...

they reminded me of diggys shoes at first, the top of the shoe. i saw on the site that they have brown and white aswell but i agree that the yellow ones are simply flyyy.

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