Thursday, July 29, 2010

Believe in your friends, dont believe in your enemies..

Filippa K 2010 Fall/Winter Collection
Filippa K comes out with a very dark collection, last season they had a very brightfull collection, but I like this, it has that classic look, its clean. And I like the brand alot, last time I was in Antwerp (couple weeks ago) I bought a great new pants from them, Im planning on buying one in another color, or some other items from them when im in Antwerp this Saturday again. I also like the "M Lumber Boot" alot, that are the boots in the photo above here. Check out the rest after the jump!

(The mixtape "AirBorne" By Diggy, has been pushed back to next week! Stay tuned for a #classic and #epic piece! But he did release another track called "Thinkin' bout' you" Download it HERE)

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MalibuMara said...

i like this!

Tommy The Fashionist said...

Im likin the feel of it!

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