Thursday, July 1, 2010

The serious revolutionary

Gaby 407 Artwork
Gaby is a artist from The Hague (The Netherlands) Who lives in Bussum, Some people have maybe seen his artwork, which is unique, original and creative he Photoshops, he glues, he stitches, he paints, draws and that all mixed up togheter. He also works with alot of different materials such as paint, sugar, tape he does that in alot of different ways by for example stapling, painting, gluing on different backgrounds. He makes his artwork on whatever comes into his mind like ripped cardboard, sneakers, clothes, action figures. He was confronted with a disability at a young age, on his website stood "At first his dyslexia seemed to get in the way of his dreams but in reality it was the start of his creative talent."I created every single idea you can think of, as long as I did not have to put it in writing,” He shows you can do anything if you just find your way how to express yourself and just do it. His artwork reflects his interests as fashion and pop culture. Its inspired by his look on cult, music, art, icons and nostalgia. Till now he had shows in New York, Amsterdam, Zurich, Vienna, Rotterdam and Lausanne. In 2009 he worked on a project for the Tour de France, of which he is probably best known, he painted a tribute to Lance Armstrong, and this was noticed by the international press, Nike and even by Lance Armstrong himself. Tomorrow there's a show of him in Rotterdam @ Gorilli Concept Store, I would love to be going but I cant, im really inspired by his work, so if your around Rotterdam tomorrow go and check Gorilli, his show starts at 18.00 till 22.00. Check out his website right HERE, and his twitter @Gaby407. Check out more of his work after the jump!

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Kyri.B said...

yah I love gaby's work ..... i think its dope how he works on cardboard instead of canvas like a "traditional" artist

Jordan T. Dilwood said...

Wow im going to have to check that out his work seems phenomonal great post Justin

Anonymous said...

Im very very proud that my art gallery at home is the first and sofar the only artgallery who sells gabygaby art.
Please check my site!

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