Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And if they hate, then let em hate!

A.P.C. Fall/Winter 2010 Collection
Right here is the A.P.C. Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, a nice refined and classic look, and that is how we know A.P.C. Hit the jump for more looks!

And for everybody who didnt know, the shoot for Phenomenal Future will take place in Cuba at the end of this month! And we will launch PF this September, follow @PhenomnalFuture on twitter for updates! Thankyou.

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ROXY! said...


Tommy The Fashionist said...

Very classic

Tokyo.Diamond said...

Nice look book! Totally diggin' the last blue skinny jean.

Nia Langley said...

The one in the middle is my favorite!!


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