Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If you fall on the concrete.. that's yo asphalt.

Kanye West ft. Charlie Wilson and Beyoncé "See Me Now"
Kanye West-See Me Now (Feat Beyonce & Charlie Wilson) by jozenc

Kanye released a new track featuring Charlie Wilson and Beyoncé called "See Me Now" And it goes hard, just listin' too it!!! I know I said it many times before, but Ye' is my hero, my biggest inspiration ever since. And he is about to kill it again! Also be on the lookout for the 'POWER' Remix ft. Jay-Z

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Tommy The Fashionist said...

Man this dude is just killing it!!!

ROXY! said...


MalibuMara said...

I love Kanye West lol,
I only met one lady,
she was a Vice President for some dept. I didn't even get that much time with her
It was lame being in the same room and basically not even getting to say hello...

Harry Swag said...

This my joint!
Kanye is my biggest inspiration too.
And my fave rap artist. This homie be killing it!

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