Monday, October 4, 2010

Let me hypnotize you

BBC x Pharrell x Gorilli & PlayCloths x The Clipse x Gorilli

Gorilli Concept Store is a store located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Its one of my favorite stores out here!
Gorilli did a couple exclusive Instore Events past years and these which I picked are no recent events but I felt like doing a post on it, the events were with Pharrell the video above here and last year with The Clipse. If your out in The Netherlands one day, make sure to hit up Gorilli! This is actually just a quick little post, and I want to say that I'll be updating the blog soon, A whole new layout and a whole new approach. Thankyou for now! And hit the jump for the video with The Clipse. Maybe I'll be doing a more detailed post about Gorilli soon! Else, you can check out there website here.


Tommy said...

Yeah i always go in their online store but it has been under construction for a while glad it opened

HipHopCulture said...

Looks dope, cant you intern there?

Anonymous said...

Justin can u help me understand why i can't post comments on Diggy's blog? I'm so sorry to bring this question over here. I noticed that you commented on his blog post. I'm a new follower of his blog.

Thank you!

Justin said...

Well, I have no idea actually! It should work the same way as you just commented on my blog!

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