Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hello!!! The Phenomenal Future Items are up on sale, click on the image above here to go to the 'store'
I hope you all support us, and spread the word out there! Tell a friend to tell a friend, blog it. And dont forget to buy something haha lol.

Due circumstances with NOT getting in materials to finish up the t-shirts with the triangle look-a-like leathers. Those are very limited in size and quantity! I hope I can make some people happy though :)

Sorry for not keeping up the blog, I'll be back at it soon enough!


esther said...

wow the prices on these shirts are phenomenal :p
even though its for men.... im gonna cop 1 this week !

Tommy Monti ( said...

Ima check it out braa!!!

Doni Brown said...

Great shirts!

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